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About Airsoft Guns
Airsoft Gun Preventative
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About Airsoft Guns
Airsoft guns are basically replicas of civilian and military pistols and rifles that shoot abs plastic, paintball, and metallic 6mm BBs for training, paintball style type games, or plinking. Airsoft guns were given their name due to the fact that the pistols and rifle shoot at low velocities or �shoot air softer,� compared to traditional bb and pellet guns. Airsoft guns have been mass distributed and sold to the general public in the United States since 1987. The design for most current Airsoft Pistols and rifles was perfected in Japan.
Airsoft guns are required to have orange barrels or markings due to federal and state laws. The orange markings are meant to prevent confusion between an Airsoft gun and a real firearm. All our airsoft guns come with orange paint on tip.
Spring/Air Airsoft Guns They are true to scale and some are true to weight. Excellent for collecting and recreational use. Because of their maintenance free design and their affordability, these are excellent entry level AirSoft guns. This class of AirSoft products is very durable and have extremely low failure rate. These pistols are styled after popular handguns and are very detailed. They shoot 6mm soft air bullets which are fed from the clip. The clip pops in just like the real ones. They shoot 6mm bullets. Most models shoot above or around 220 fps and have an average accuracy range of over 85 feet. They are great for learning how to target shoot. You will love the heavy feel and the realistic qualities of most of these shooting machines. They are spring-cocked and shoot very hard (But not dangerously hard mind you). Most guns have the "Hop Up" system, which simply means that there is a drag in the top of the barrel that puts a back spin on the pellet which makes it fly further and straighter.
Electric Airsoft Guns The Electric AirSoft BB Guns incorporate a battery powered motor, transmission gearing, and circuit board onto the air piston assembly. Instead of manually cocking the piston head for every shot, the motor and gears perform the cocking action and release of the piston at the moment of trigger pull. The speed at which the motor and gears perform the entire action is within a fraction of a second, allowing for near instantaneous firing response. The circuit board is hooked up directly to the trigger pull for each shot. A constant pull on the trigger with the selector dial at full allows for a constant electrical stream from the battery to the motor, keeping the entire firing system in continuous motion until pressure is let off of the trigger.
Gas Airsoft Guns The Gas Airsoft BB Guns run on a gas driven mechanism. Low-temperature carbon dioxide (CO2), environment safe Freon, or Green Gas are the most popular of gases used. All models are manufactured to a high degree of surface detail and dimension, these are for the more discerning collector.
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Airsoft Gun Preventative Care

For all airsoft guns (spring, AEG, gas)
- ALWAYS clean the barrel after every use, especially in sandy environments.
- ALWAYS dry your gun if it gets wet.
- ALWAYS check the recommended grade and brand of BBs listed on our site when purchasing ammo for your gun.
- DO NOT use poor quality BBs.
- DO NOT try to fire the gun if it is jammed, or else you may damage the gun. Clean out the gun and continue shooting.
- DO NOT disassemble your gun unless you know what you are doing.
- DO NOT drop your gun.
- DO NOT use paintball BBs in airsoft guns. They will break upon shooting and can jam the gun. Only use regular airsoft BBs.
- ALWAYS use high polished BBs. They are manufactured by brands such as KSC, Excel, TSD and Tokyo Marui.
- ALWAYS empty the magazine after each use to help preserve the strength of the magazine spring.
- ALWAYS use 100% silicon oil to keep your gun lubricated (do not use petroleum based oil). Gas guns should be lubricated every 1.000 - 3,000 shots. AEG and Spring guns should be lubricated every 3,000 to 6,000 shots

AEG guns
- ALWAYS use 4-6 second bursts when shooting your AEG to avoid any complications with your gun. If shot continuously for a long time, AEGs will overheat and may become damaged.
- DO NOT charge an airsoft battery for longer than the recommended time.
- DO NOT continue to charge a battery that has become warm or hot.
- DO NOT use a battery that has overheated or is not in perfect condition in an airsoft gun.
- ALWAYS fire two to three shots in semi-automatic mode to decompress the gearbox spring after you are done firing.
- DO NOT operate the selector while pulling the trigger. It may cause the gun to malfunction.
- ALWAYS remove the batteries from your gun when you are done using it.
- Always discharge your Nicad battery fully before recharging. This ensures that the battery is able to achieve a full charge. Discharge your NiMH packs if you are planning to store for long periods of time. Discharging your batteries will preserve life, voltage and runtime.

Gas guns
- DO NOT put away your gas airsoft gun�s magazines completely charged or completely empty. Leave enough gas for one or two shots, or a 1 second fill burst from empty. It will help preserve the seals in the magazines.
- DO NOT use the release valve when expelling gas from your airsoft gun. It can freeze the O ring and cause gas leakage.
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We ship orders via Fed Ex. We do not ship with the USPS due to liability reasons.
We will not ship an air rifle or pistol with via US mail. We will ship accessories that do not require a signature with the US mail, but we will waive liability for such shipments.
We prefer to ship with Fed Ex because US mail does not have a reliable tracking system for packages, nor do they have a claims department to handle lost or damaged packages.
Cities we DO NOT ship to:
Based on the city law we do NOT and can NOT ship airsoft guns to:
Chicago, IL Zip Codes: 60607-26, 60628-34, 60636-41, 60643-49, 60651-57, 60659-61, 60663-64, 60666, 60668-70, 60673-75, 60677-82, 60684-91, 60693-99, 60701, 60706-07, 60803-05, 60827
Washington DC
Jonson City - Tennesee. Zip codes: 37601/ 37602/ 37604/ 37605/ 37614/ 37615

We do not have a walk-in store. You have to place your order online or by phone and call to tell us when you will pick it up. Please do not forget OH residents must pay additional local sales tax.
INTERNATIONAL TERMS Pyramyd Air, LTD., ships products internationally
Countries we DO ship to: India, Brazil, France, Italy, Netherland, Turkey
Countries we DO NOT ship to: Canada, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, United Kingdom
It is up to you to know the laws in your location. Contact your customs service to get the required import permits for the items you order. If you order an item that is confiscated by your customs service, PyramydAirSoft is not responsible for the loss nor will it reimburse you for the cost of the impounded products or their shipment. PyramydAirSoft does not accept liability for confiscated items.
To place an order, use our online system. We will contact you by email to verify that our terms are accepted. Once you have agreed to our terms, we will give you a final shipping cost and a total cost for your entire order. Do not make payment until we have given you the final total.
There may be additional fees associated with importing and inland shipping. Shipments will be sent with either FedEx or Schenker. FedEx shipping service will be door-to-door. Schenker shipping service will be from our door to a local airport for air-direct service.
If the need arises, our customer service department will assist in any shipment claims or product returns. When these situations arise please call us first for assistance.
If you agree with these terms, contact us via email at If you have more questions, email or call us at 1-216-896-0896. Our customer service department is open Monday-Frida 9:00 A.M. to 7:00 P.M. and Saturday 10:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. (all times are Eastern U.S. time).
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