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938 UHC 6" Barrel Airsoft Spring Revolver, Black

Your Price: $25.95
Item#: SDUA938B[PY-950-1783]
In Stock

UHC model UA-938. This beautiful, full-size handgun holds 6 rounds of BB's in lifelike replica shells! Pop open the cylinder and pop in the shells, just like the real thing, and fire all six shots with one hand, just like the movies.
- 1:1 real scale comlpted high grade type revolver airsoft gun
- cylinder swivel, loads like a real gun
- special material for handle grips looks like wood grain
- air cocking of the spring piston by the hammer
- the rear sight is adjustable for windage and elevation like in the real model
- colored front sight is convenient for aimer
- 6 round cylinder
- press the hammer for chambering, actions the same way as the real gun
- gun body and grip are sating finished
- revolver comes with 8 shells

Length: 285 mm (11.22 inches)
Weight 418 grams (0.922 lbs)
Power: .4 Joules
Spring Powered Hop-up System
Comes with orange tip to comply with federal law

Velocity: 240 fps
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kyle says...
oh yeah i love!!!!!!!! this gun one of the best backup guns around

brevin says...
this gun is the best

Mark says...
its a awesome gun u should by it

eli says...
I just got it it is soooooooooooo awsome

bob says...
im geting this. YES.

Glen says...
mmm yummy, this gun is beasty, hurts like a lot, but has to b fired by shell and only holds 6 shells

jonah says...
this gun is alllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllsome and swwwwwwwwwwwwwwwet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

steve says...
awsome gun! great for close range wars. just what i bought it for. takes a few shots to get used to it but its not hard to become a pro at this gun real fast.

Sypran says...
i love this gun i had a couple of problems when i first got it, but after a day of useing it got beter. Pros - realistic - one handed (oh yeah dual weilding jk) - fast fireing rate - during a fight you can do the Dirty Harry "Do you feal lucky" line Cons - barrel is held on by one little strip of plastic, glue may be needed - 6 shots - slow reload (speed loader is a must!) - bullet shells come out a little to easly Over all this gun is great for target practice, but if you are going to do a backyard+ battle you will wish for a speed loader. also be careful about the barrel, mine broke off, but i happily super glued it back on and it still works.

Kaijumorpher says...
This gun is Superb! The look and feel of it almost perfectly mimics the real revolvers! Considering it's made entirely of ABS Plastic, but that's of no consequence. It performs pretty well and is extremely fun to use. I recommend this item to Newcomers to Airsoft, Revolver fans and other avid collectors!

josh says...
Best gun ever!!!!!!!!

lijah says...
this gun is totally awsome

Chris says...
The gun comes with 8 shells but it's a 6 shooter... so do the math when you buy extra shells. Seriously though, you'll want about 40 extra shells, cause if you're playin' friends with it, you'll run out in no time w/ 8 shells.

gittity gittiy goo says...
a really good pistol it there is nothing better for close range it takes a while to load but I don't care. it kick's butt at 16 yards it is really durable I would buy the extra shells because face it your gonna lose at least 4 I am goin to try to put a better spring on it to make it shoot farther. don't try it until I write my next review telling u how to do it and if it works.still I would buy it. enjoy. Ps this is for all u quagmire or family guy fans out there gittity gittity goo alright.

Alex says...
Awesome Gun!! I Strongly Reccomend It!!!

Will says...
I got this gun and it is a great side arm.
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