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UHC 937 4 inch barrel black spring revolver

Your Price: $27.99
Item#: SDUA937B[PY-949-1782]
In Stock

UHC model UA-937. This beautiful, full-size handgun holds 6 rounds of BBs in lifelike replica shells! Pop open the cylinder and pop in the shells, just like the real thing, and fire all six shots with one hand, just like the movies.
- 1:1 real scale completed high grade type revolver airsoft gun
- cylinder swivel, loads like a real gun
- special material for handle grips looks like wood grain
- air cocking of the spring piston by the hammer
- the rear sight is adjustable for windage and elevation like in the real model
- colored front sight is convenient for aimer
- 6 round cylinder
- press the hammer for chambering, actions the same way as the real gun
- gun body and grip are sating finished
- revolver comes with 8 shells

Length: 232 mm (9.13 inches)
Weight: 361 grams (0.79 lbs)
Power: .4 Joules
Spring Powered Hop-up System
Comes with orange tip to comply with federal law

Velocity: 240 fps
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taylor says...
This is a really good gun i just got mine and its works great

bbgun man says...
I loved this gun!!! Does not shoot that far but I still love it. The gun is very easy to load and comes with extra shell just in case you lose one or two.

brent a. says...
Flipin sweet for back-up!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ryan Z says...
It is a fun weapon not hard to use, realistic. Although it is not very accurate or powerful it is a good weapon for those who like revolvers.

Jake says...
This gun is cool! its small pocket size revolver holds 6 bbs per round so i suggest get extra and this is better because it really h3rtz when u cock the top on other gunz but on this one u use the hammer so much easier 26.99$ cant beat it!

alex says...
this looks like a great nonbreakable gun, I have not bought this one, but i have bought others fron this site.
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