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Airsoft Master Sniper Rifle Black Gen. 5 by UTG

UTG Airsoft Gen. 5 Master Sniper - w/Reinforced Safety, New Gen Bolt.

Your Price: $97.97
Item#: SOFT-M324S-B[PY-869-1639]
In Stock

  • Spring UTG Sniper Rifle Accushot Competition Master with w/Reinforced Safety and Upgraded Gen. 5 Bolt Airsoft Gun
  • The majority of this gun is metal.  Only the stock and trigger guard are ABS, the rest of the gun (barrel, trigger, receiver, ris rails, bolt and bolt handle) is metal
  • The gun alone is 6.5 lbs in weight, with attached accessories this gun is quite a handful, with all accessories, it weighs over 9 pounds! 
  • Rubber coated bolt handle
  • Stock length is adjustable by adding 1 to 3 spacers behind the rubber butt pad
  • functional adjustable hop-up switch
  • Smooth cocking can be performed with just one finger
  • Ultra low noise firing ideal for sniping campaigns
  • Full metal weaver rail bi-pod included.
  • Tactical Sling Included
  • Two 25 round magazines included
  • Compact loading tool included

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  • Mechanism: Bolt action spring - New SILENT Bolt makes this the quietest airsoft gun around for IDEAL sniping. 
  • compatible with .20, .25, .28, .43 g BB's
  • Length 42-43.5 Inches
  • Effective range 200-220 feet
  • Comes with orange paint on tip
At first glance the UTG M324 looks very much like the Maruzen APS2. The two guns are very similar in design although are not the same internally so parts and magazines can not be interchanged.
450~460 fps with .20g BBs
370~380 fps with 0.28g BBs

Adjustable Hop Up
Bipod, UTG Sling with Non-slip Grip, BB Speed Loader Included & Extra Magazine Included
Adjustable Length Butt Stock
Integrated Front and Top Scope Rail
Scope NOT included

Caliber: 6mm
Velocity: 460 fps
Warranty: 30 days
Add Recommended Items
  Swiss Arms 4x40 Scope with weaver/picatinny rings
  Dual pack spare mag for M324 and Black Eagle M6
  Competition Grade AEG .28g BBs 1000 count
  WE Sniper Series 0.40g Black Airsoft BBs, 2,000 Rds
  Biodegradable .AEG .26g BBs 1000 count


Aquila says...
Awesome gun! I can consistantly hit a small target dead center from a huge distance. Also has great power and very realistic feel. Don't bother going for the more expensive versions!

matt says...

cole says...
This is the best spring gun i've bought. it's so accurate

Andy says...
I just got this thing a few days ago, and let me tell you, this thing is a beast. the accuracy is amazing. the bipod, sling and extra mag are also a nice touch. there are no iron sights, so you should probably get a scope, even though im pretty accurate with out it. this is a great gun

Caleb says...
This gun is amazing! Super accurate, durable and the best buy for any price.

Trevor says...
this gun is probably the best gun ever

Alex says...
This gun has to be THE BEST springer under $100 bar none. I've had it only for a little while, but I've dropped it a few times and still no trouble.

daniel stanaj says...
omg this gun is soo good but i dono how high to out upo the hopup but other than that its awsome omg i love this gun it weight alot but its totally worth it every siongle penny it gets jammed every once in a while but it come iwt a unjammer stick so no worries but i love this gun u can shoot anything for a far range

Nick says...
This gun is sweet! I snype my friends out from like 100 ft. away and it's perfect for being stealthy because of how quit it shoots. The only thing bad about it is its weight.

Secret Sniper says...
This gun rocks! It's very accurate and powerful. I would reccomend getting this gun.

Alexandrea E Bennett says...
This is an awesome gun! Sadly,it's a little heavy to carry but it is ACCURATE! I recommend using .3g, .28g, or .25g bbs and a 4-6x scope for the most accurate shot with this gun. (DO NOT use .2g with this gun!) All I need is someone to expose just 3 or so inches of themselves from behind a tree and I can pick them off even from 50+ feet! (with a scope) People are scared of this gun and are afraid to come within 50+ feet of me because they know I can get them from virtually anywhere. Best gun for the money hands down!

Bill says...
This Gun has a very high velocity and is pretty accurate. It's also a great way to intimidate other players. In short, this gun kicks ass.

Blackops says...
Excellent power, silence makes it amazing during night games, range isn't up to par i only get about 60 ft in an indoor range. Other than that excellent gun for the price.

sean taylor says...
this gun may not be fast but it's aim is on the dot!!!!!!!

dave says...
I rated this 4/5 stars It's a perfect beginners sniper rifle Its a great rifle I'll put out the pro's and cons pros: pretty powerful 2 mags great size I heard it shoots 200 foot objects I practice 80-130 foot cocking is silent easily assembled well worth the money works good with .25 .28 adjustable hop up cons: can only get 23 rounds in my mags don't know if my sling is bad or what other then those two things its a great gun.

MaTt says...
This gun is awesome my friend kevin has it and he shot my friend from like 200ft (in the face!!) i'm going to buy the digital camo version.

Lucas says...
All I can say is that this gun is amazing! It has a great feel, robust hefty weight, excellent power, pin-point accuracy, and it just looks cool! I have owned this rifle for over 8 months (no joke) and have had absolutely no problems with it. A few jams here and there, but not enough to make me regret purchasing this beast. People are more or less afraid to run into me during battle, because once I see them, they're down. If you are as passionate as I am about airsoft, then you take care of your guns as if they were your own kids. I have never dropped this gun, nor will I ever. For optimum power and accuracy use .25 gram bbs. Here are my pros and cons: Pros- Realistic look and feel, 25/25 accuracy, heavy-weight (10 lbs.), Decent mag cap, Full metal,(besides stock which is not a moving part making it irrelevant)and it hurts like heck. You will be treated like a god on the battlefield. Cons- Jams sometimes, and your arms may get tired from carrying it during a long battle. That's all though. I hope this was a help, Lucas P.S. I would buy this gun all over again! This is a must for you major players out there. They call this a beginner sniper... lol, that's bull.

airsoft man says...
omfg!!!!!, this gun is amazing!! i shot my friend w/ it and he cried!! and hes 18!! get this gun it hurts at even 120 ft!!!!! only bad thing is it gets real heavy when running for cover but other than that it kicks!!

rob says...
this gun is amazing ive had it for almost 4 months. it shoots very far about 40-50 yards. but it shoots about 25-35 yards accurate sometimes. but this gun is amazing i think this is the best sniper u will find under $100. you should get .24g or .25g bbs. i also recommend a scope its very hard to aim without one. haha i bought this gun without a scope. but the very next day i went and bought one.

mike says...
this gun is freakin awesome,it has high fps and its cool looking!!! great gun!

Jordan says...
This gun is AMAZING. Ive had it for over a year and nothing has broken. Its super acerate but with the .20 bullets it curves up slightly.

bubbles says...
i got this gun 3-4 months ago and it shots the same as it did when i opened it I PUT A HOLE THREW MY FRIENDS SWEAT SHIRT AND HIS SHIRT HE WENT THREW 3 WHOLE BANDADS IT WAS AWSOME

Alan says...
I am a professional airsoft player i have played in hundreds of airsoft games. now i have to say first that if you are not into mid game fixes and arent prepared to take this gun apart mid game to fix the cocking catch so you can fire it right dont buy this gun, and if you have already bought this gun then I suggest you treat as if it was made out of glass. other then that i would have to say its pretty accurate but they didnt pick a good spring for this gun becaude i have a sniper that shoots at 425 fps with .20 gram bbs and other then a little height adjustments it will shoot dead on. this gun on the other hand shoots similarly, but when its extremely windy. this gun does better then my other. i recomend a 3-18 by 40 scope. i can shoot this gun and hit my competition from about 75 yards away which is good being it is so quiet. i would also recomend a silencer. or even a tracer unit barrel extension.

joel says...
great gun. shoots better without the hopup on. this was my first gun and it was a great buy. if you are getting a sniper get this one

CombatGeneral says...
very good power and creat accuracy! jsut requires a bit of time to sight it in and there you have it! a great airsoft gun. One of the thing I disliked about the gun is that it never came with spare screws incase one of them were loose and it fell out and now you got a scope that is always loose.
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