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Elite Tactical Leg Holster (Right Handed)

Your Price: $9.97
Item#: LEPVC-H168ET[PY-A-730]
In Stock

Super strong coated PVC outer shell with soft lining to protect guns.
Tactical design to keep gun in ready position.
Velcro strap adjusts to legs, keepers for height and tension and snap for holster tension.

High quality Quick Release Buckle System. Extra magazine pouch attached. Fits most medium to large frame autos, Glock, Beretta, Taurus, Ruger, Sig, M-1911 and others.
Dimensions: Length: 9 inches Width: 4.5 inches - 2 inches For the best fit, we recommend pistols with a width that is less than or equal to the width of the holster (from the bottom of the trigger guard up to the barrel) and a lenth that is greater than or equal to the lenght of the holster.

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Colton says...
For 10 bucks, this holster is awesome quality. I use it to carry my baretta in durring almost all my games and it keeps it nice and secure. It even has a mag pouch (kinda small) that holds an extra clip. It stays secure to your leg really well and by itself it weighs very little. A great 10 buck buy.

Joey says...
Perfect for airsofting or just carrying a gun.

Zach says...
This is a great buy. It is really light and durable and hleps you carry your pistol into battle and also have another gun that is bigger with you such as a machine gun. what is really nice is that it has an extra magazine.
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