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Desert Eagle .44 AE Spring Airsoft Pistol by Cybergun

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Item#: CG090110-W[PY-676-1326]
In Stock

Brand New Soft Air USA Magnum Research .44 Desert Eagle Replica Airsoft Pistol Heavy Weight Full Size 1:1 Scale. The hop up is nonadjustable and set for .12 although .2 works well. Shooting parallel to the ground, .12 bbs travel about 50 feet straight with a max range of around 80 feet- this is extremely nice considering the slide pull is exactly one and a quarter inches!

Distributed by: Cybergun (Soft Air USA)
Spring Operated
Disclaimer: Comes with orange paint on tip.
Original : Magnum Research .44 Desert Eagle

Weight : 2.2 lbs
Length : 11 inches
1/1 Scale
Mechanical spin up Class 2 system increases BB velocity, range and accuracy.
Works best with 0.12 gr. 6mm BBs.
Magazine capacity is 25 BBs.

Velocity: 225 fps


Tom says...
The Desert Eagle .44 spring pistol is the BEST on the market You will be impressed with both the look and performance of these on the battlefield, or in your airsoft collection

Exo says...
I wasn't that impressed with this gun. For all its size, the weight didn't seem up to par with most the other spring pistols you see out there.

Steven Mayers says...
I would say for the price, accuracy, capacity, and reliability it is one of the best spring air Airsoft Guns on the Market.

Tom says...
This gun is very nice. It can take alot of damage and shoots with great accuracy and speed. I recommend this gun to anyone

pat says...
this gun is great for a begginers it was my first gun and still is in great condition but the .50 ultra grade is much better

Colton says...
Ive had this gun for a couple of years now and it has survived everything from harsh drops on the battlefield to being in a pool, and it keeps on going! Amazingly durrable structure, and clips as well. Its a great, relieable gun with decent accuracy and fast rate of fire. If your looking for a cheap pistol that can beat most of more expensive in durability and rate of fire, buy this gun!

Dylan says...
decent gun. I was expecting the gun to go faster. It's accuracy is also decent. In my opinion there are better guns out there so buy those.

Jacob says...
This gun is great for when u have no ammo left in your primary. I am a sniper and when my ammo is out i pull this out of my holster. It deystroys. I recomend it to anyone

john swager says...
it is cool

Logan says...
This is a good gun for the price and it also shoots accurate the only thing I don't like is that it's not so easy to load but it still a pretty nice pistol

Juicebox says...
Nice big gun. Plastic, not the best on accuracy, nice power, and does really well as a back-up gun. I recommend it to anyone who wants to scare and beat some one in an airsoft war.
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