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Echo1 USA Airsoft M14 Metal AEG in Wood Color

Echo 1 M14 Metal AEG
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Item#: Echo1-JP-46W[PY-2038-4617]
Out of Stock until Aug 31 2017

The M14 rifle firearm is based off the very successful M1 Garand which was used in WWII. Even with the success of the M1 Garand, it had its flaws, thus the M14 was born. Using the 7.62 (.308) round, and the ability of automatic fire, the M14 was a champion design. Used primarily in the Vietnam war. Although the M14 was phased out as the standard-issue rifle in the sixties by the M16, the M14 has fought back in many modern military units.

The wood-grained plastic stock is very realistic.

Echo 1 M14W Full Metal Construction with 8.4v NiCAD 1200mah battery and 250mah charger (Battery charge time: 4.5 hours )

Gun comes with orange tip to comply with federal law

Gun Type: Electric
Mode: Semiautomatic/Full-auto
HopUp: Yes
Ammo Type: 0.2-0.25g
Capacity: 440 rds
Built Material: Full metal
Weight: 7.6lbs
Length: 44.00"
Velocity: 380 fps w/ 0.2g
Warranty: 30 days
Condition: New
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