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FAMAS Airsoft Electric-Machine Gun

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Your Price: $139.95
Item#: CG40901[PY-1807-3672]
Out of Stock until Aug 31 2017

This replica is a copy of the latest generation FAMAS F1, since it is equipped with a Picatinny rail under the fore-grip. It is delivered with an 8.4V 1,100 mAh battery, a battery charger and a large capacity 300 rd magazine.
- Metal outer barrel
- Metal gears and gear box
- Metal foldable bipod
- Semi and fully automatic
- Special piston
- Adjustable front and rear sights
- Adjustable Spin-Up accuracy system

For nearly 30 years all French units have been equippedwith it. Here is the very latest item from the Cybergunproduction lines.
Note : The battery compartment in the handguards of the rifle contains a dark grey foam insert. This can be removed to accommodate SDERBAT6-MINI.

Comes with orange tip to comply with federal law
Metal outer barrel, gears & gear box and foldable bipod
Hop Up: Adjustable
Weight: 6 lbs
Magazine capacity: 300rds (Wind Up High Capacity Magazine)
Length: 30 inches

Gun Type: Electric
Mode: Semi/Full Auto
HopUp: Adjstable
Velocity: 445 fps
Warranty: 30 days
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  Intellect 8.4v 1600mah NiMH Mini Type Battery with Mini plug
  Scott Vectra Airsoft/Paintball Full Goggle Mask
  Universal Smart Charger for NiCad & NiMH batteries
  300 round Wind Up High Capacity Magazine for FAMAS AEG


Bridger says...
I bought this gun just a couple of days ago, and I LOVE IT. You have the option to put a scope on it (because of the high fps it will work as a sniper). The fire rate will amaze you.I went through 5 shots in 1 second. Which is way I bought two mags and a speed re loader also.

hunter says...
This gun is great for how I play, Rushing and shooting. And we play mercy rules. So if you play mercy or need to have good range the FAMAS would be a great gun. Shoots around 420 with .20 grams.

gabe says...
it's amazing my dad got it for 10th birthday i love it .

beau says...
overall great gun but it is hard to get batter pack in and clip has a little problems but its a awsome gun

Ryan says...
This gun is amazing. If your a fan of rushing in, then this is the gun for u. If you also like to be a support, the bipod on this gun is amazing too. And it does go from 425-445 fps right out of the box. If i were u, i'd get this gun right now!!

Daniel says...
I love this gun its amazing and used for almost everything but the mag goes so quickly so i would advise getting another mag.

john Richadson says...
This is by far the greatest gun I have ever held in my hands the french FAMAS f1 is spectacular with great shoting distance and fantastic power I recommend it to anyone looking for a gun to blow your friends away in battle!

Gabe says...
This gun is awesome. you should toltaly get it

dan says...
this gun is the sickest looking gun ive ever seen, i love it i have a galil and a well mb07 and i want this gun kuz i skirmished aginst a kid that has it and him and i had close battles because our guns shoot the same. but i hope i get the money to buy it.

Jayce says...
My mom bought this gun for me for Christmas and it is awsome. I haven't been in a war with it yet but I shot it at my shed and it left dents in the wall. Amazing gun I deffienently reccommened this gun or any gun from this site!

Jayce says...
this gun is amazing! Have had it since Christmas and it awsome. If you have this in a war, you are bound to win! It really has around 500 FPS with 6.gram BB's and has about 460 FPS with 12. gram BB's. Very strong, has a decent sized clip, and great in a war. Pro's: good sized clip High FPS Battery last long Great Hop-up system Very accurate. Built in bipod Con's: Bipod bottom's are backwards

Matt says...
This is the perfect gun for defending because of its bipod. It's 8.4 volt battery is not the best, so if you are the offensive person, I would buy a 9.6 volt battery. Also, a spare magazine helps. People playing with me get scared every time! Buy the gun cause it's worth it!

luke says...
this gun is amazing it has great range and power! i measured its inner barrel length and its barrel is longer than my brothers sniper but the gun is about a foot shorter than the sniper. this gun is definitly worth the money. i would buy it right now if i were u!!!
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