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UTG Multi-Shot Combat Tactical Shotgun

UTG Multi-Shot Combat Tactical Shotgun
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Your Price: $59.97
Item#: LESOFT-M3L[PY-1546-2850]
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  • Triple the firing fun - 3 BBs simultaneously with great power and pinpoint accuracy
  • Authentic shot shell cartridge holding 30 BBs for 10 powerful shots per shell
  • Muscle spring action with most dominant force Professionally painted front and rear sights for quick aim under most Demanding CQB applications Pump and fire full power combat loads to carry out critical air soft skirmish missions Complete with spare shell, speed loader and quality sling Matte black non-glare finish Allows for single triple shot and continuous everblast triple shots
  • Velocity: 320~340fps with 0.2g BBs

Triple the Firing Fun - 3 BBs Simultaneously with Great Power and PinPoint Accuracy!
The UTG M3 shotgun is modeled after the well known Marui M3 Shorty which has been in service for several years. These unique pump action shotguns fire three BBs in one shot so these are actual airsoft “shotguns” and not just single shot airsoft guns that look like shotguns.
his multi-shot capability is accomplished by three separate barrels inside of the shotguns main outer barrel. Other multi-shot shotguns use just one inner barrel so the velocity and range of the BBs are far from consistent.

Operation: Spring
Fire mode/s: Manual cocking
Ammo type: .2g - .25g
Hop Up: Fixed
Weight: 4.3 lbs
Magazine capacity: 1 shell - 30BBs
Comes with orange tip to comply with federal law

Velocity: 320 fps
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ggg says...
i love this gun

richie says...
great gun!

Jared says...
if your looking for a guns that shoots more than one shot at a time, this is your gun. no the greatest range but thats a shot gun for yea. some say its hard to pump but tis not.

parker says...
THIS GUN ROCKS!!!!!!My friend has this gun and ive been using it for a while.Its amazingly accurate and a MUST HAVE for any good Airsoft working up enough money to buy one of my own.

connor says...
nice gun just got it 2 days ago its way powerful i like da multi shot system

Tiger says...
Nice FPS with pretty good accuracy. a good gun if you know how to aim and if you are able to cock it. at first it is really hard to cock but after a hundred shots or so it gets much easier.

luke says...
this is a very good shot gun i love the fact that it uses shells and the fact you can use them again otherwise it would be very expensive :)

Dan says...
Absolutely amazing. im a frequent player and for the price that it is its absolutely amazing. It has great accuracy up to about 150 feet. The three shot is the best i have ever seen. I use it with a sniper also its a great one-two punch. I am so glad i bought it

CarpSolo says...
This shotgun by UTG is, in my opinion, the best in this price range. I first bought one of the TSD Tactical shotguns that use shells as a magazine. They are made from low-grade plastic and the overall build is what you get for around $25. This weapon, however is well-built, shoots powerfully, and even though it's a shotgun, I found it generally accurate at longer ranges - up to 100 feet. I've added a shell holder (5 shells fit in it) ..., as well as a shotgun shell sling .... I now have about 20 shells on the gun so I am ready for battle anytime. Upsides to this gun: quality plastic, quality rubber, accuracy (for a shotgun), the look (intimidating to brandish this weapon), and weight. Downsides to this gun: it's no TM, the randomly colored shells you get. Overall a great purchase. Glad I bought it.

joel says...
everthing is awesome shoots and curves good only one thing you have to cock it pointing down or the bbs dont load

colin says...
i got this gun a few weeks ago and it is better than i expected to be. it is very accurate and powerful. good price

ian says...
omg this gun rocks best shotgun I hav ever gotin and it packs a punch shoots three at once which is really fun and doesn't cost much also hs a metal barel I lov this gun

Kyle says...
great power and range. shoots three burst. 10 shots per shell. i have nothing bad to say about this gun

logan says...
this is a good gun i got it over a year ago and it still shoots like its out of the box. if icould chage my order i would get the one with the pistol grip much more manuverable.
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