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Airsoft Black UTG Type 96 Sniper Rifle with 3-9x40 Scope

UTG Type 96 Airsoft Sniper Rifle, Black with Swiss Arms 3-9x40 Rifle Scope
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Your Price: $174.95
Item#: LESOFT-S368BH[PY-1213-2167]
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The UTG Type 96 Sniper Rifle combines firepower and comfort and delivers unbelievable performance. The thumbhole stock provides comfort and stability. The bolt action rifle shoots exceptionally.

For sniper fans, the Type 96 Sniper Rifle delivers equally breath-taking performance (in the airsoft realm) at OVER 450 fps muzzle velocity - allowing you to snipe targets at twice the regular distance of unmodified AEGs. The stock of the L96 holds a high capacity (23 rounds) magazine.
Using the APS2 bolt system and barrel as the main platform, this Type 96 Sniper Rrifle also sports high end performance parts for greater accuracy and power.

- One Piece Precision Metal Barrel
- Adjustable Hop-up System
- High Power Pin-Point Accuracy Performance
- Effective Long Range Shooting
- Complete Picatinny Mounting Rail Systems
- UTG Deluxe Picatinny Mount Foldable Bipod Complete With Cleverly Designed Tri-Rail Bipod Adaptor
- Ultimate Bolt Action Airsoft Spring Rifle
- Spare Magazine
- Spring Powered Deluxe Speed Loader
- Tactical Sniper Rifle Sling

  • 450-480 fps with .20g BBs
  • 410-420 fps with 0.28g BBs
  • 310-320 fps with 0.43g BBs

The majority of this gun is metal. Only the stock is ABS, the rest of the gun (barrel, trigger, receiver, scope, scope mounts, bolt and bolt handle) are metal.
Package: Included with the UTG Type 96 are two 23 rd magazines, tri rail quick release bi-pod adapter, UTG weaver rail bi-pod, UTG speed loader and a sling and Full Size Weaver Scope Mount.

Includes: Swiss Arms 3-9x40 Rifle Scope

Hop Up: Adjustable
Effective range: 190-210 feet
Length: 48.4inches (1230.0 mm)
Weight 8.5 lbs
Magazine Capacity: 23
Type: Bolt Action
Comes with orange tip to comply with federal law

Length: 0.00"
Velocity: 480 fps
Warranty: 30 Day Limited Warranty
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chris says...
Great price for an excellent gun. You can go with or without a scope and still pick people off. The bolt is easy to pull so its great for close quarters too. Having a Co2 pistol with this makes a great combination

caleb says...
This gun is amazing...its accurate....its powerfull...but it doesnt work in the cold unless u get some camo rap around it

jack says...
great gun

jimmy says...
I do not own one but I will when my birthday comes around. This seems like a really awsome rifle ( 450fps. AND SCOPE!!!!!!!). I do highly recomend this for whoever wants a GREAT!!!! entry level sniper rifle. It seems like it is going to be a really solid gun with all of the attachments. Final decision: get it in a heartbeat (if you have enough money) it is definetly worth the $175.00 price tag. Oh yeah, buy a sidearm for close quarter situaitons, if not the person you shoot will have to go for stitches because of its immense power. And definetly dont get BBs under 20g. because at high velocities a light BB will give in to wind power and you will miss your target. P.S. Dont listen to the one review on ShortyUSA that says the barrel will shrink in moisture, because I worked in my dads welding shop all summer and the only thing that makes metal shrink is a cutting torch... Hey I'll give you guys a more in depth review when i actually get this awsome gun!!! P.S.S. will whoever already has this gun write a review about it and tell me how your first battle went... preferably a story, and what extra equipment to get with the gun. P.S.S.S. thanks for reading Jimmy out

Mike Whalen says...
I purchased this gun about 3 months ago. I love it, but it's not living up to the hype. It seems to shoot at less than 320 with .2s, I've heard that there has been previous problems with the barrel connectors not being perfectly aligned from other sites... It does not go very far, 100 feet or less... I like to use this gun while in deep hiding at 50 feet or less, Works great then... Was playing a week ago and had someone come around the corner at 20 feet aimed right at me... I learned later that despite aiming right where I was, he didnt see me at all, but right before I fired, he noticed the orange tip pointed at him.. Only had the chance to yell, Oh Sh- before I caught him in the chest. I like this gun and the scope because its prime if your really sneaky and can get somewhere and camp without being noticed.

Harvey says...
Hi; I have 12 airsoft rifles, including Classic army, & medium priced ($99, 129 150 175 priced. This is by far the the most, well made,realistic,accurate I have in my collection. The AGM M14 with Faux wood finnish runs a close second. I'm 75 years old & have much experience with all kinds of rifles. Have fun shooting. Harvey

Dave says...
I love this gun! I just bought it a week ago and its so much fun!

Evan Luthringer says...
I got this gun today...very nice. Shoots fast and accurate. First gun i had and it seems to work well. Make sure you get a bipod cause its easier to snipe with because it wont move

kyle says...
sweet gun shoots far and accurate capicity is 23 which is more then enough for a sniper with 2 clips i saw this gun at for the gun only no bipod or scope for the same price here and it includes more accesories and many other guns are cheaper

Chederz says...
I got this gun about a week ago, and i am using .25g BB's and it is shooting great! It's extremely powerful and accurate. I think that if you can afford this gun than it should be a definate buy.

david says...
this gun is amazing. i mean i have never seen a better sniper rifle. and at 465 fps with a .2 bb!! you cant get any better.

Thomas says...
Really great gun. I recomment shooting .30gram BB's because of the velocity on the gun. I am able to hit a cereal box at 220ft 3 out of 5 shots. It s real accurate at 200ft and less. Once you get the sights and hop up adjusted it is great. I shot my first person this weekend and he knew he was hit and didn't have any idea where it came from. The gun is super quiet and really accurate. Thanks Pyramid for recommending this gun to me when I called questioned ya about your products.

trevor says...
i got this gun at a yard sale for 100$ i dont know how old it is but all i know is over a year and its the best gun at 510 fps with high velocity and 480 with .20 gram bb's its amaizingly accurate and hurts like crazy almost every budy i play with wants to be on my team!!! i recomend using .20 gram or higher when its windy and if theres no wind .12 grams are the best!! its heavy if your under 80 pounds but most likely your not under that! over all amaizing gun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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