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Walther P99 Action Kit w/target

Your Price: $22.95
Item#: UX-2272007[PY-1106-2019]
In Stock

An exact replica of the legendary P99. International police forces rely on the Walther P99, and the famous British secret agent saved the world with it in his last three films. Synonymous with quality and innovative technology. Great for Indoor/Outdoor Action! Designed to scale, even with safety and magazine release.
One 12-shot Clip
Extended-Life Trigger
Gel target
Hop Up
Metal barrel
Heavy, realistic magazine
Authentic Walther replica

The kit comes with 100 BBs and target

Caliber: 6 mm
Power: Spring
Capacity: 12
Ammo: BB
Comes with orange tip to comply with federal law

Length: 0.00"
Velocity: 250 fps


mike says...
This is a very good gun has good power but it looks very real but I would only target practice.

Nick says...
This is a very great gun. It's extremely accurate, and goes a long way. It's also very comfortable. The clip can actually hold 14 BBs, or atleast mine can. The clip is realistic, but it is also nearly half the weight of the whole gun. And if using the paintballs is your thing, this uses them very well, none broke in mine yet and I probably fires off near 400, in almost done with my second container. I say this is a definate buy.

wesley says...
good first hand gun has pretty good power but it kinda brakes easly. but over all its a great gun

Bruno says...
Pretty good gun. A great side arm to start out with for beginners. This gun is great to practice your aim with targets. In the field it's ok. Overall I like it.

b-dog says...
this gun is good for up to 30 yards any farther the bb will just fly up in the air. after about the first year i had it, it started to jam. the red dot in the back of the gun that signifies that the gun is cocked broke off after the first two weeks. but all and all the gun is pretty good. i would recommend this gun to a friend.

justin says...
its cool

Kamden says...
Good gun
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